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What my clients are saying

'Julia made a 2 tier cake for our wedding anniversary.   It was a chocolate cake covered in ivory coloured fondant, with lots of little flowers and swags on it.  We had a long chat about what I wanted and Julia did some sketches to show me, and I must say the end result was even better than I was expecting!  It looked and tasted great.'

The thing that is great about Julia's cakes is that they taste as amazing as they look.  I've known Julia for many years, and I was thrilled when she said she was setting up a cake making business.  She made my wedding cake and the process of designing it was great fun.  

I can thoroughly recommend  Julia as a cake maker.  I think being an artist (she paints in oils and pastels) means she has a great ability to come up with very clever ideas.

Photo Cake_edited_edited.jpg

Just yummy!!!!!!!  Not sure what else to say other than yummy and very beautiful.

We commissioned Julia to make a Birthday cake for our son who wanted a cake for an 18th party, but not one that looked like it was for his birthday!  She devised and created fabulous Poker Chip themed cakes which contained his favourite flavours (and whose values cleverly added up to 18).  It was the talk of the party (and absolutely delicious - which goes without saying with Julia's baking).

Julia made the most amazing cake for our granddaughter’s first birthday. We asked for a rabbit cake to resemble her favourite, most loved, cuddly toy. What we received was an exact replica! So life like was it – ears, eyes, nose, whiskers and texture- that when it was cut, we had to move Margaux away in case she was traumatised. Tasting absolutely delicious with its vanilla and fresh strawberry filling, it was truly remarkable.

The tortoise cake Julia made for my husband’s birthday exceeded all expectations. He loved it so much he didn’t want to cut into it and wanted to keep it as a work of art!

Poker Chips_edited_edited.jpg
Tortoise Cake.jpg
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