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Sizing, pricing and delivery guide

As all the cakes are made to order prices are calculated on the size,  level of complexity in the design and how long they take to make.

The price guide below is based on a straight forward sugar paste covered cake with ribbon and one or two adornments (such as a few small flowers or an inscription.  The more complex and involved the design the higher the cost.

A flavoured sponge cake

                                           Portions *              Price
6" Round                              12                        £40
8" Round                              16                       £50
10" Round                            20                       £60

6" Square                             12                       £45
8" Square                             20                      £55
10" Square                           40                      £65

A rich fruit cake

                                          Portions *              Price
6" Round                              16                      £60
8" Round                              32                      £70
10" Round                            50                      £80

6" Square                             27                     £65
8" Square                             50                     £75
10" Square                           70                    £85
*Number of portions per cake are approximate and for guidance only

Flavoured Cup Cakes (with single topping)

6 Cup Cakes    £25
12 Cup Cakes  £40

Flavoured Cake Pops (dipped in chocolate with single element decorations)

Cake Pops       £2.50 each (minimum order of 6)
(the price may rise for more expensive  or time consuming designs)

Cake Toppers (made from fondant, modelling chocolate or gumpaste

Each topper for cupcakes, cakes for any occasion (Christmas, Halloween, etc)
Average price £1.50 each, but dependant on size and work involved.  

Other cake accessories such as lace, feathers, etc. priced according to work involved.

Any toppers or accessories can be designed to meet your personal requirements. 
Cakes can be collected by appointment.
A personal delivery service is 50p per mile.

A third party courier service can be arranged (prices dictated by the courier service company).  Please note I cannot accept any responsibility for breakages to the cake once it has left my premises, unless I am delivering it personally.

Smaller items can be posted through Royal Mail.

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