A Cake Story

Meet Ellie.  She's a Weimeraner.  Her owner was about to be 50 and so had a large birthday party planned.  Her best friend wanted to make her a special cake for the occasion.

My brief was to make a cake that looked like her much loved dog, Ellie.  As it happened I was able to get to meet Ellie to take lots of reference photos without the owner around.

The consultation I had with my client talked about design, size, cake flavours, accessories, budget and delivery date.

The next part of the project was to do some research and sketch out the design template for the cake.

Then came the baking.   I calculated how many cakes would be required (I baked 6 large, square, red velvet cakes and mixed up a batch of cream cheese frosting to sandwich the cakes together).

I used the drawn template to cut the basic sections to size and sandwiched them together with the cream cheese frosting.  Then came the sculpting.

To prepare the cake for icing it needed a crumb coat of chocolate ganache which stabilises the cake and provides a smoother, sculpted surface to ice.

I use scraping and shaping tools and my warm fingers to manipulate and fine tune the shape and smooth off the chocolate surface.

 I coloured the sugarpaste with grey to form the background colour.  I also built the basket around the dog and coated it in the same way.

The eyes were a very realistic touch as they were made from Isomalt which is a sugar substitute that stays clear when you boil it.  

Then came the exciting bit for me: The hand painting.  I used edible powder paints with very soft bristle brushes.  Added a blanket in the birthday girl's favourite colour, covered the cake drum in sugar paste, put a colour on the dog and made a separate dog bone toy in the same way.

The last job was to photograph the finished cake and box it up ready for collection.                                                                              The process from start to finish took 3 days.

And finally....a cake is for eating, so the inevitable had to happen!!!!!!!

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